Will Brushing a Dog Remove Ticks?

September 1, 2023

Can Brushing Help Eliminate Ticks?

In short, no, brushing alone is not a reliable method for tick removal. Ticks are resilient parasites that firmly embed themselves into your dog's skin. While brushing might assist in dislodging loose debris or dirt, it falls short in the tick-removal department because ticks have their mouthparts securely anchored beneath the skin's surface.

Brushing your dog holds undeniable importance as part of their grooming routine and serves various valuable purposes. It effectively targets the external surface of your dog's coat, aiding in the removal of loose debris, dirt, and even certain insects like fleas. However, when dealing with ticks, it's a whole different story.

Ticks establish a deep-seated connection beneath the skin's surface, with their mouthparts extending deep into your dog's tissue. This intimate attachment is what enables them to feast on your pet's precious blood. Consequently, brushing, which operates primarily at the superficial level of your dog's coat, simply cannot reach these firmly embedded ticks effectively.

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